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Our techniques

At Open Podiatry we have up-to-date technology ensuring our custom orthotics (insoles) are precise to your foot profile along with the correction required to reduce abnormal load .

3D scanning

We use 3D scanning at Open Podiatry to produce the highest quality 3D computer generated images of your feet. This helps to ensure that the orthotics we make for you are extremely accurate and based on your unique foot structure. The 3D images are then instantly sent to our lab partners, along with a prescription specifying any additions and adaptations. The exact prescription will depend on your pathology, as well as your footwear, lifestyle and activity levels.

Smart solutions

3D printing

After the 3D scanning process is complete, your orthotics are 3D printed in our lab using the latest cutting edge technology. A major benefit of 3D printing is that the orthotics produced are much thinner and lighter than orthotics manufactured by other methods. Having less bulky orthotics in your footwear not only means that you have a much wider choice of shoes you can use them in, but they can help you walk more efficiently. Our patients find that 3D printed orthotics look and feel better than orthotics they have tried previously.

  • Reduce human error

  • Traceable data

  • Process simple, clean and fast

  • Perfect anatomical fit

  • Complex algorithms to reduce weight bearing pressures whether standing or in activity

  • Supports foot natural biomechanics taking into considering foot length and body weight to calculate torsional stiffness

  • Can be optimised for certain shoe types such as dress, casual, sports, etc

  • Have your name printed on the device

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