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LUNULA Laser Fungal Treatment

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The Only 'Cold' Laser Fungal Nail Treatment in Bradford

Fungal Nail Treatment by Lunula Laser Therapy in Bradford

Lunula laser for fungal nail infections

Open Podiatry, the only podiatry clinic in West Yorkshire to introduce Lunula, latest in cold laser therapy treating onychomycosis (fungal nail infection) and nail regeneration.

Lunula Laser Treatment for Funganl Nails

Lunula Laser Treatment for Funganl Nails

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We completely understand that fungal toenails can be both painful as well as deeply damaging to your well-being. Fungal nail infections are increasingly common, affecting one in every ten people in the UK. At Open Podiatry we waited till the evidence was solid before introducing any forms of laser therapy. In continuing to provide the very best in treatment and technological advancement we now bring Lunula which targets fungi organisms with cold laser therapy.

Goodbye fungal nails. The only cold therapy treatment for fungal nails available in Bradford at Open Podiatry

Open Podiatry has done all the hard work in research ensuring your care is in the right hands with our trained podiatrist. Lunula laser fungal therapy is pain-free, risk-free, and clinically and scientifically proven to be effective.

Fungal nails being treated at Open Podiatry in Bradford with Lunula laser

What is a Nail Fungal Infection (Onychomycosis)?


A fungal nail infection is when your toenail or even fingernail has been attacked by dermatophytes (fungi spores). 10% of the words population is estimated to be affected by fungal nails.

Nails can appear discoloured, thickened, brittle and sometime lifting from the nail bed. A fungal nail can be either white, black, yellow, green, or even a mixture of all.

The nail condition tends worsen over time and this can make you feel very conscious of exposing your toenails. Fungal infections can spread to other toes and sometimes even person to person.



  • Advancement of age

  • Athletes foot

  • Diabetes

  • Immunosuppression

  • Occlusive footwear such as work boots

  • Psoriasis

  • Trauma

  • Underfloor heating

  • Working in hot environments

Before and after photos of fungal nail infection with Lunula laser therapy

Lunula Laser Therapy for Nail Fungal Infection


Lunula is groundbreaking! Lunula uses low level cold laser in two forms to promote a natural immune response to grow a healthy nail:

  • 405nm wavelength (the violet beam) which targets to kill the fungi spores in your nails.

  • 635nm wavelength (the red beam) which promotes blood flow to the nails and encourages nail regeneration.

Unlike ‘hot’ laser therapy which has evidently poor results, Lunula is safe and effective. Oral antifungals pose risks to your kidney and liver function, and over the counter agents are only 50% effective. Lunula has no harmful side effects.


  • Great against stubborn fungal nail infection

  • Just 12 minutes treatments and your nails are on the way to recovery

  • No anaesthesia required

  • No downtime

  • No side effects

  • No smoke plumes or vapours

  • Pain free

  • Scientifically proven

  • Touchless treatment