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PodoSmart at Open Podiatry - smart gait analysis

PodoSmart at Open Podiatry - smart gait analysis

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Each individual has their own unique walking style and this reflects on your general health. We refer to the walking pattern as ‘gait’, and more specifically ‘gait analysis’ when we observe you under a set of parameters. At most times we are wearing something on our feet whether this is at work, causal, training or special occasions. It is therefore important to establish how the feet are behaving with footwear on to establish realistic conditions.


Latest technology allows to quantify your gait analysis in both  normal walking and/or running conditions. At Open Podiatry we now offer PodoSmart, a set of intelligent insoles which allows us to measure 13 parameters of gait providing valuable data and information within minutes. Combined with our skill and training we can provide enhanced analysis of your walking pattern to help you identify area(s) which may require improvement. If you are currently with pathology this can be factored into the PODOSmart system and allow clear comparisons of your measurements over a period of time pre and post treatment.


The results from the PODOSmart gait analysis can be downloaded and forwarded onto your GP or other health professionals. This is particularly handy for your own reference, and professionals such as physiotherapist who may use the data and information to improve any found asymmetry or muscle weakness in certain areas. At Open Podiatry this type of gait analysis has contributed towards:

  • Producing smart insoles in line with the mechanics of your feet

  • Rehabilitation of your lower limb system

  • Smart lifestyle recommendations

  • Footwear choices

  • Onward referrals

  • Pain investigation

  • Providing you with answers