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Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is often considered with painful toenails, this can result from:

  • Ingrowing nails

  • Damaged nails

  • Thickened nails

  • Fungal nails

  • Result of injury

  • Lifted nail plates

Prior to surgery the podiatrist will discuss with you options, this can include a total nail avulsion involving whole removal of the nail plate, or a partial (or bipartial if both sides) nail avulsion where the side of the nail plate is removed. Nail surgery is usually a good option for long term results.

See the graphic below which explains the procedure. We always encourage to avoid searching videos on the internet as most online procedures are backdated and untrue of the minor surgery itself. 

For any further information please speak to us or call in to request a leaflet.

Ingrowing toe nail surgeru before and after. Available at Open Podiatry in Bradford
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