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8SOLE Custom Orthotics (Insoles)

Orthotics (Insoles) at Open Podiatry


We offer various types of orthotics at Open Podiatry. These range from simple, accommodative orthotics which absorb shock, cushion vulnerable sites and accommodate deformities, to more advanced prefabricated orthotics, which offer additional support and alter foot function.


For complex musculoskeletal disorders, we offer custom orthotics.








8sole insoles are specific to your needs, based on measurements and an 3D impression of your feet. Our custom orthotics help your feet to work more efficiently. They improve function and control, and prevent excessive motion that often contributes to injuries, foot pain and pathologies. They do this by altering your foot position by improving biomechanical alignment, redistributing forces, reducing pressure in painful areas, and reducing stress on your joints. Some of our patients with leg, knee, hip and back problems have also found that orthotics are helpful in reducing fatigue and pain, helping them to return to their normal activities.







We use orthotics/insoles to treat all types of foot pathologies at Open Podiatry, including hard skin (callus), corns, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, bunions, flat feet, neuromas, and many more - see Conditions we treat for more information on which problems we can help you with. It is well established that foot pain and deformity are common in chronic conditions, including diabetes, neuropathy, inflammatory arthritis, and osteoarthritis – we can help with these too.





Here at Open Podiatry, we treat patients of all ages and occupations, including athletes. You will undergo a thorough biomechanical assessment to determine if orthotics are a suitable treatment for you. In many cases, we prescribe orthotics in conjunction with other treatments – such as specific stretching and strengthening exercises and footwear advice. We advise all of our patients to wear their orthotics in slowly (for example, increasing usage by one hour per day), to prevent muscle pain and fatigue.

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