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Cancellations & Rearranging Appointments

Booking an appointment with Open Podiatry is your first step towards helping your foot health.

We do however understand at times there can be unforeseen circumstances where you are unable to make your appointment.


As we allocate time and resources for your bookings any cancellations made on the day of your booking and in situations of 'Did Not Attend' we have rights to 100% of the fee. 

What if I'm elderly or unwell? We treat all patients fairly and equally, as above we allocate a booking slot per each consultation, in order to sustain and maintain the clinic running  smoothly we adhere to the policy. 


We politely request you inform us 24-hours in advance of any cancellations or to rearrange your current booking for free. Requests made within a 24-hour window of your appointment (except for same day) are subject to 50% charge of your consultation fee. Please contact us within business operating hours.


Bookings under our specialist services which include nail surgery, Swift, DIGITSOLE PRO and orthotics require 48-hours prior notice for cancellation otherwise we have rights to 50% of the service fee.


Thank you for understanding.

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