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Swift - Verruca & Wart Removal 

Open Podiatry offers Swift,

Easy & quick  treatment for verruca and warts through microwave therapy at its clinic in Bradford.

With specialised experience in this field, Open Podiatry can provide quick and reliable treatments to help stubborn verruca lesions to help you reach your health goals.

Your immune system is your best deffence, swift treatment activates your natural response to help eliminate stubborn verruca. verruca removal available in Bradford at Open Podiatry
In the UK one in every ten person has a verruca. They can be painful and extremely persistent impacting daily activities.

Many patients have tried over the counter remedies from cryotherapy, acids, and even laser with often poor or painful post treatment results.


Open Podiatry now offers you the latest in revolutionary technology.


Introducing Swift.

Verruca treatment from our clinic in Bradford. Fast and effective with results.

Swift Applicator for Verruca Removal in Bradford

Scientifically proven solution which attacks the virus at its heart.


No mess five second treatment, no need for local anaesthetic, no dressings, and a clean solution.


Swift Verruca Treatment. Verruca Removal Without Dressings & Anaesthetic, Quick and Easy all from Our Clinc in Bradford

Swift has helped thousands of people, especially after when they have given up all hope of treating their verruca. It works by using microwave energy causing precise cell destruction, these cells can exist several millimetres below the surface which most over the counter products cannot penetrate. Watch the video below to see how Swift treatment works.


At Open Podiatry we provide a treatment course with Swift, to begin with we offer a set of three appointments approximately 4-weeks apart followed by a review. Typically three treatment sessions suffice however response is unique to each individual therefore you may require additional treatments, your podiatrist will decide this at the review appointment.


Generally after treatment you can continue with most of your daily activities, at worse you may experience a slight scratch sensation during treatment however this lasts only a couple of seconds.

Contact Us for Verruca Treatment & Removal in Bradford. Simple, Effective and Swift Verruca Treatment

Please enquire today to see if you are eligible for treatment


Treat your verruca the Swift way at Open Podiatry in Bradford.

Swift Device for Verruca Removal in Bradford

Watch below for a testimonial in how effective swift verruca removal really is. 

No more stubborn verruca.

Swift Verruca Treatment Now Avaialble at Open Podiatry in Bradford
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