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About Open Podiatry


At Open Podiatry we provide professional podiatry (chiropody) care delivered by qualified and experienced practitioners. Understanding your needs is a must for us therefore from welcoming you into our clinical, and through the duration of your consultation, we strive to put you at ease by listening to your concern and providing the best of care.


When we say ‘helping you step forward’ we literally mean it. Pain and difficulties with your lower limb is never a comfortable experience. We understand that. Our clinic is well equipped bringing latest technological advancements delivering the best of health. Whether you have an awkward nail, painful corn or verruca, or pain in your foot, we can help at Open Podiatry.   


















Why Choose Open Podiatry?

Well equipped clinic

Clean facility

HCPC registered podiatrists

 Evidence based practice

Focus on long term management 

Access to latest in technology including smart gait analysis, 3D scanned & printed insoles, and Swift microwave verruca removal

Friendly staff

Mobile home visits (subject to availability on location)

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Our Services

Verruca treatment in Bradford offered by Open Podiatry. Swift microwave therapy effectuve aggainst stubborn verruca
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