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Frequently Asked Questions

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We have listed below the most frequently asked questions to help you make confident decisions. If your questions are not listed please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

  • What’s the difference Chiropodist and Podiatrist?
    Really there is no or very little difference, everything a chiropodist can do can also be exercised by a Podiatrist. The international term for a foot care professional is ‘Podiatrist’ which the UK has now adopted. Chiropody is no longer taught, all graduating Podiatrist undergo a three year bachelors science degree and must be registered with the HCPC to license them to work. What has changed in the past 20 years especially is now Podiatrist have the power to administer local anaesthetic and supply certain medications under the POMs (prescription only medicines) annotation.
  • Do you provide home visits?
    Yes we do provide home visits under our domiciliary branch. We mostly serve Bradford however can at times venture out to surrounding areas. Please call or message for further details.
  • Will you treat me during the first appointment?
    Yes of course we do. If you are having nail or hard skin troubles we like to first identify the cause in order to focus on long term management, before the session is complete you will receive treatment. If however you are booked for a biomechanics session the attending Podiatrist will provide you with tailored advice and discuss further options such as bespoke insoles.
  • Does nail surgery hurt?
    We get asked this a lot. To put simply and honestly it is a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ answer. Whilst you are being administered local anaesthetic in order to ‘numb’ your digit you may feel a sharp scratch as with getting any needles. This can last up for 10-20 seconds and we encouraged you to be relaxed by concentrating on your breathing. After administration and the digit is confirmed to be numb (we do the relevant test), the procedure itself is pain free. At most you feel only touch or pressure but no pain. Should you require more local anaesthetic or a ‘top up’ it generally does not hurt second time round.
  • I don’t like to show my feet, what if I’m shy?"
    Do not worry if you are shy whether this is due to the amount of pain you experience or if generally you do not feel confident with exposing your feet. At Open Podiatry we are professionals, the consultation is without any prejudice and we do not share your clinical notes with anyone else. As Podiatrists we come across a whole variety of foot related problems, it is what we do and we enjoy our work. If you are nervous or shy we like to make you feel at ease.
  • Will my corns come back?
    Without attending to the cause (aetiology), corns and calluses can reoccur. We encourage you to benefit from the initial consultation with an assessment where we can identify the cause of any hard skin lesions. We do treat the areas during the consultation, and also leave you with advice focusing on prevention. Sometimes it may require you need insoles or specific types of footwear.
  • My doctor said I have a verruca but it’s not going away?
    Without an adequate assessment verruca and corns can be misled for each other, at times they can look very similar. As foot care specialist we can distinguish between the both (verrucae and corns). The cause (aetiology) and treatment for both these conditions are different, so for example if you revert to treating corns with verruca medicaments it will actually make it worse in the long run. At Open Podiatry we can provide tailored advice to help you ease out of pain and overcome these lesions.
  • Can you do late appointments?
    At times we can offer late appointments however these are pre-arranged in advance or subject to availability.
  • Can you see children?
    Yes we can assess children whether it is foot pains, verrucas, or if you are concerned about their growing up and require some reassurance. Children though are a younger version of an adult, their growth and component of their biological 'make-up' such as bones, connective tissuse, etc. is very much different.
  • I’ve got flat feet should I be worried?
    Flat feet or also known medically as ‘pes planus’ can be with or without pain. If you are in pain this can be a contributing factor and at Open Podiatry we will conduct a biomechanical assessment to establish how your feet are behaving. If you think you may have flat feet and are worried, we can still offer you an assessment and even possibly prevent problems for the future such as knee or lower back pain.
  • What are your prices and does it cost for consultations?
    All packages are chargable. You can now also book through our website for the first contact appointment - click here Alternatively please call the clinic on 01274 296092 or submit an enquiry and we will get back to you. For new bookings we take full payment upfront.
  • I have a corn, which package shall I book?"
    We would advise the essential package because this will allow to identify the lesion, isolate the cause and provide you with the relevant treatment and plan Alternatively, you can book the basic package which includes treatment. For an indepth analysis the complete package provide both you and the practitioner with plenty of information and answers. Click here to see our services.
  • Will my verruca go away with Swift?
    Swift is highly effective in treating verrucae, we have a high success rate. No treatment guarantees 100% removal of a verruca as they are unique to each individual. For further information please contact us
  • When can you fit us in for a home visit?
    We provide home visits through our domiciliary branch. Visits are provided on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10am to 12:30am (approximately). Unfortunately we do not provide an exact time due to travel and traffic situations, sometimes appointments can take longer than expected. We are currently planning on providing more availability for home visits, for now if you have any questions please contact us
  • How can insoles help me?
    Insoles (orthotics) are advised by your podiatrist should you need them. The purpose maybe to to ‘realign’ your feet, encourage correct motion and flow of forces, or to take load off injured areas so it can heal. Ultimately insoles help you walk without difficulty. Each device is unique and custom made, the prescription applied by your podiatrist is determined by the results of your findings from your assessment. To learn more click here
  • I have a verruca, what shall I do?"
    First all lets diagnose your lesion to confirm you have a verruca or verrucae (multiple verruca lesions). If you have a verruca we can start by debridement which is scalpel removal or commence with Swift To learn more about Swift click here We recommend booking in for the essential package Click here to book online
  • I have pain in my foot (feet), what do I do?
    Pain is information, its telling us something is wrong. Pain can be the result of injury, strain, over-use, underlying biomechanical problem, footwear, and more. We would need to isolate the tissue under strain, this can be bone or any of your soft tissue structures such as muscles/tendons/ligaments/fascia. We have 3 options: 1. We highly recommend PODOSmart gait analysis, this tool allows us to create a 3D analysis of your movement with focus on your kinetic chain. 2. Alternatively you may consider a biomechanical assessment where we observe your foot posture, and watch the feet both weight-bearing and non-weight bearing to arrive at answers. 3. You may also decide to opt for the Complete Package, this entails a detailed comprehensive assessment including vascular checks. Each option helps arrive at an answer to help us both formulate a management plan, however depending on the detailed outcomes and values you may want to consider PODOSmart gait analysis or the Complete Package.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept most payment methods which include cash (Sterling/UK British Pound only), bank transfer, credit or debit cards including Visa, American Express, Diners, Discover, or MasterCard. We do not accept cheques and foreign currency. Bank transfers are accepted before your consultation. Please contact us for banking details.
  • I have pain in my foot and legs, which package do you recommend?
    Smart Gait Analysis - Digitsole Pro improves patient assessments by measuring objective biomechanical data that cannot be observed by the naked eye. The results are translated through our exclusive AI algorithm into relevant clinical data to propose the most appropriate treatment.
  • Can I claim costs back using health insurance?
    We are registered or recognised with most health insurers such as Sovereign, WPA, etc. How much you get back or what is exactly covered depends on the package you have with your insurer. We provide you with a receipt of your consultation which lists all necessary details to make a claim.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    As we allocate time and resources for your bookings any cancellations made on the day of your booking and in situations of 'Did Not Attend' we have rights to 100% of the fee. We politely request you inform us 24-hours in advance of any cancellations or to rearrange your current booking for free. Requests made within a 24-hour window of your appointment (except for same day) are subject to 50% charge of your consultation fee. Please contact us within business operating hours. Bookings under our specialist services which include nail surgery, Swift, PODOSmart and orthotics require 48-hours prior notice for cancellation otherwise we have rights to 50% of the service fee.
  • Do you have parking available at your clinic?
    Getting here is easy. We are on Tong Street main road and there is parking to the front if you require ramp access or a free to use car park to the rear of the building.
  • How can I book an appointment?
    You can either book online through our portal by clicking here or you can call the clinic directly on (01274) 296092.
  • What are orthotics (insoles)?
    Foot orthotics (insoles) are custom made devices which fit inside your shoes. The insoles are designed to help correct any abnormal foot structure or inbalance to ultimately improve function. In effect any areas of pain whether this is your foot, ankle, leg or even back, will now have reduced loads and thus reduced pains. Once your foot and lower limb is aligned forces are directed evenly as intended up your kinetic chain and this reduces the chance of injury and the risk of developing certain foot and leg conditions. We offer 8Sole - specific to your needs, based on measurements and an 3D impression of your feet using smart technology. They improve function and control, and prevent excessive motion that often contributes to injuries, foot pain and pathologies. 8Sole’s are 3D printed and are tested with over 2-million walk cycles. Furthermore they are ultra strong and lightweight so they can last a long time. The prescription we apply is based on the clinical assessment undertaking by our podiatrist. We recommend the smart gait analysis for the ultimate input into assessment and design for better outcomes.
  • What can you do to help my fungal nails?
    The following can be considered Reducing the thickness – this will be carried out using a nail drill and will improve the appearance of the fungal nail temporarily. Our podiatrist will advise on general foot care to prevent fungal infections [2]. Topical treatments – We can recommend a nail lacquer which you paint onto your fungal nail at home. It can take 12 months to work [2]. Oral treatments – these can be prescribed by your GP, though effective they can can have side effects such as constipation, liver or kidney damage[2]. . LUNULA Laser therapy – available now. A pain-free procedure which uses laser light to target fungi organisms and improve your nail condition. The evidence base for Lunula laser is great, and before and after results are promising. Five minute fungal test - a dermatophyte test to truly diagnoses a fungi infection. Avoid long waiting times, we can provide you with a quick answer with our 'in-house' 5-minute test. This is great way to distinguish between other similar nail conditions. You can book for this online through the booking portal
  • How is your gait analysis different to the one in shops?
    A reliable gait analysis requires a good history taking, understanding of anatomy and its relevant science. As trained lower limb experts we can decipher between how much is normal or abnormal behaviour of your feet and legs according to your anatomy. Analysis and interpretation of results is equally important to understand your function, his ultimately helps in decided your clinical treatment. We have Digitsole at Open Podiatry - Developed with healthcare practitioners, Digitsole Pro improves your assessment by measuring objective biomechanical data that cannot be observed by the naked eye. The results are translated through an exclusive AI algorithm into relevant clinical data to propose the most appropriate treatment. The system takes into account what is normal for at your height and weight, and we can highlight areas of discomfort which seldom shoe shop gait analysis allows.
  • Do you remove nail polish?
    We do not remove nail polish and unfortunately cannot use the nail drill on nails with polish as this can damage our instrument. prior to your appointment please have any nail polish removed.
  • I am running late, will you still see me?
    If you are running late for your appointment please contact us straight away on (01274)296092. If you are into your appointment time we can generally allow up to 5-10 minutes however this depends on the type of consultation you are booked in and the practitioners discretion. If somebody else is booked in after you we strictly do not run into their consultation time. Please read our cancellation policy by clicking here
  • How long do insoles take to manufacture
    Typically it takes between 2-3 weeks from placing the order. This can vary according to holidays and logistics. We are unable to prioritise orders to not compromise on the quality of built of your medical device.
  • Do you refund on insoles?
    Your 8SOLE's are a custom made device, for this purpose and hygiene reasons we cannot issue a refund. It is highly unlikely we face issues with insole orders however in the event your devices require a review please contact us. We make sure you are comfortable with your 8SOLE's any tweak in the design is covered by us. We do not refund any delayed orders, being a health related device we cannot compromise on quality.
  • What if I'm elderly or unwell and cannot make it?
    We treat all patients fairly and equally, we allocate time and resources per each booking slot, in order to sustain and maintain the clinic running smoothly we adhere to the cancellation policy. Please inform us ASAP before 24-hours if your unable to make it to your consultation to be eligible for a free rearrangement. Or, 48-hours if your booking a specialist service.
  • Can I spread the cost?
    Yes! We have now partnered with Payitmonthly and you spread your payments anywhere between 1- 12 months interest fee. You can spread the cost for the following services: · 8SOLE custom insoles · Swift microwave verruca therapy · Biomechanical assessment with DIGITSOLE PRO · Nail surgery · Lunula laser · The complete package
  • How do I book a follow up? or Routine Appointment
    To book a routine follow-up booking please call on (01274) 296092, this option is not available on the booking portal. We take 50% on the booking fee upfront to secure the consultation. The remainder payment is made on the day of your booking.
  • What happens if my toe becomes infected or more painful after treatment?
    Under certain situations such as ingrowing toenails you can develop pain or even an infection after your treatment. Sometimes these are unavoidable however should this occur please call in (01274) 296092. It is the podiatrists discretion if they decide you require a quick emergency booking (which sometimes we can wave the fee) or a new routine booking in order to discuss options or provide further treatment.
  • Freedom of Information Act – how can I get hold of my information
    For a request to be valid under the Freedom of Information Act it must be in writing, but requesters do not have to mention the Act or direct their request to a designated member of staff. Further guidance can be found on: How to make a freedom of information (FOI) request: Overview - GOV.UK (
  • Can I spread the cost?
    Yes! We have now partnered with Payitmonthly and you spread your payments anywhere between 1- 12 months interest fee.
  • Do fungal nails require treatment?
    Fungal nails are caused by dermatophytes which are fungal spores, once manifested and your nails begin to show signs of the infection, the problem can spread nail to nail or even person to person. It is best to seek treatment to cure and prevent your fungal nail infection. We recommend Lunula laser for its ease and high success rates.
  • How do I prepare for laser fungal treatment?
    After your initial consultation and you have decided to opt for Lunula we will take your medical history and take a before photo of your nails. Please have any nail varnish or shellac removed. The podiatrist will likely cut and file your nail so the laser can penetrate deeper into your nail plate for better outcomes. You do not need to bring any type of footcare however do encourage good hygiene before and after.
  • How many treatments of laser are required?
    Typically, 4 sessions are required however depending on the severity of the fungal infection your podiatrist may suggest additional course. Lunula is highly effective to curing a fungal toe infection, it can take several months to start seeing noticeable results. Once you have your new nails, we do recommend a yearly ‘top-up’ of Lunula laser as a precaution to prevent any further re-infection.
  • How quickly do I see results?
    On average you will begin to see results after your 4th session and the time of review (approx. 6-8) where a healthy nail can be seen growing. A nail can take anywhere between 12-18 months to fully grow our completely. Results vary between individuals and depending on the severity of the fungal infection. At times your nails can be damaged to secondary issues such as thickened toenail, this may or may not grow out depending on the issue however your podiatrist will discuss likely results with you before you start Lunula.
  • I’ve already tried laser elsewhere but it did not work, will Lunula work for me?
    Most likely if you have opted for ‘hot’ laser, this could have been uncomfortable for you and the results are not very great. Lunula works entirely different by cold low-level laser but also encourages good nail growth. We would recommend an initial consultation to truly diagnose if your have a fungal infection to begin with. Open Podiatry is the only clinic in West Yorkshire to offer fungal laser therapy from our clinic in Bradford
  • Is Lunula suitable for everyone?
    For most individual Lunula is safe. We would use Lunula with caution on patients who: • Have active cancer anywhere, or past cancer of the foot • Have a history of keloid or hypertrophic scar formation • Have a history of herpes simplex • Have active infections or a compromised immune system • Have had a sunburn on the area being treated • Are taking photo-sensitizing drugs and anti-coagulants • Women who are pregnant • Clients with a pacemaker • Clients with photosensitive epilepsy
  • Is it possible for the fungal infection to return?
    Though Lunula has capacity in promoting your natural immune response to fighting fungi spores, without good hygiene the infection can return. We would advice good hygiene practice which includes: · Wash and dry your feet daily · Consider using an anti-fungal spray · Do not wear the same footwear for three days consecutively We do recommend a yearly ‘top-up’ of Lunula laser as a precaution to prevent any further re-infection.
  • Does Lunula laser treatment hurt?
    Lunula laser is pain free. It is not anticipated that you will feel any major effects of the Lunula treatment; it is not unusual for a tingling sensation to be felt and even some redness in the feet, this is due to the improved blood flow and is harmless, the effects will subside with a day or two.
  • What happens if it doesn’t work?
    In the event a healthy nail is not showing after an approximate 6 months post treatment it would be recommended to test your nail for fungal infection. Options may include considering another course of Lunula or routine podiatry care should the result return negative for dermatophytes .
  • Will this treatment completely clear my fungal?
    Lunula laser targets the fungi organisms and encourages healthy nail growth. In a nutshell the answer is yes! The beauty of Lunula is all your nails are targeted not just individual as with 'hot' laser therapy.
  • Do I need to do anything after my treatments?
    You would only be required to maintain good foot hygiene, consider using anti-fungal spray for your shoes.
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