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Knee and back pain

What is it?

Pain or discomfort in the knee or back.

What causes it?

Both knee and back pain can be caused by abnormal foot posture. Problems with your feet can cause changes to the way you walk (your gait), which can impact on joints further up the body by placing greater strain on them, including your knee and back [1].

Knee and back pain, can be from faulty foot biomechanics

What are the symptoms?

Pain can occur anywhere in the knee or the back, and can be present during exercise or at rest [2]. Pain will not always be due to foot posture, which is why a full assessment is important. In some cases your pain might be a result of arthritis

What podiatry treatments are available?

  • Biomechanical assessment and management – our podiatrist will watch you walk and assess the range of motion in your joints to determine the cause of your knee or back pain. You may be prescribed insoles to improve joint alignment, which will help your joints function more effectively and reduce pain [1]. Visit our clinic in Bradford for a full assessment using the latest technology in podiatric biomechanics. Smart gait analysis can help isolate the cause of your pain.

  • Stretching and strengthening exercises – the team at Open Podiatry can advise on the best way to stretch and strengthen your muscles to relieve your pain.

  • Footwear advice – we can also assess your footwear and offer advice to improve the shock absorption of your shoes. This will relieve pain when walking or exercising.


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