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At Open Podiatry we help you step forward to a better quality life.

Experience the foot and ankle care you deserve with Open Podiatry - the leading experts in foot, ankle and leg care. Our team of skilled professionals use evidence-based practice and modern techniques to ensure you receive the highest quality of care. Discover the difference with Open Podiatry today!

Members of Royal College of Podiatry
Registered Health and Care Professions Council Members to Maintain High Standard of Podiatry Treatments

Smart solutions

Open Podiatry is the perfect place to get all of your foot needs taken care of. Our team of expert podiatrists provide services such as 8SOLE custom insoles and DIGITSOLE PRO smart gait analysis to help ensure that your feet stay healthy and pain-free.

UPDATE:  We have now introduced LUNULA Laser to treat fungal and damaged toenails. Lunula is your perfect choice for nail regeneration.

We Accept
Health Plans
Mobile Home Visits
Qualified & HCPC Registered Podiatrist

Undertaking insurance work and residential home contracts

Subject to availability and location

Our passion and care of the lower limb reflects in quality care provided

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AI SMART Gait Analysis

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Open Podiatry is here to care for your feet and reduce any pain you may be experiencing, this could be your feet, legs or even back. We are committed to delivering the highest quality care in podiatry to help you regain your active lifestyle improving your wellbeing.

Our goal is to help you step forward comfortably.

Foot health matters.

There are various elements to your foot health which include:

  • Circulation

  • Nerves

  • Bone structure

  • Soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, skin)

  • Foot posture

  • Activity & Footwear

We assess your lower limb using our training and expert equipment. Once we can pinpoint the problem together we formulate a management plan to make you comfortable.

Be pain free to live freely.

Healthy feet journey starts now

No referral necessary, just give us a call and be seen quickly for diagnosis and treatment.

Let us help you keep your feet healthy and be stress free!

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