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Your feet serve the crucial role of absorbing impact and providing support to your body. The load on the foot is 50% when we stand, up to 120% when we walk and over 200% when we run. However, various foot conditions can arise, causing discomfort, strain, and stress during everyday activities or active lifestyles.


Foot orthotics offer solutions by providing support and relief. Yet, with a crowded market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to find the right product for your specific condition. This is where Invent Medical’s innovation, 8sole, comes in. These award-winning MSK (musculoskeletal) foot orthotics are designed to enhance your performance, offer better control, aid in the healing process, and are crafted as 100% custom-made solutions that are also cost-effective and built to last


  • Is there a warranty or guarantee for the foot orthotics?

    The orthotic shell is guaranteed for 12 months from invoice. However, warranty doesn’t cover misuse or damage due to harsh conditions.



    Your 8SOLE's are a custom made device, for this purpose and hygiene reasons we cannot issue a refund.

    It is highly unlikely we face issues with insole orders however in the event your devices require a review please contact us. We make sure you are comfortable with your 8SOLE's any tweak in the design is covered by us.

    We do not refund any delayed orders, being a health related device we cannot compromise on quality.

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