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Morton’s neuroma / interdigital neuroma

What is it?

What causes it?

A Morton’s or interdigital neuroma is an inflamed and thickened nerve. It most commonly occurs between the 3rd and 4th toes [1].

What are the symptoms?

A neuroma can occur from poorly fitting footwear, which increases irritation on the nerve, or from abnormal mechanics in the foot leading to instability and increased pressure in the ball of the foot [1].

Area where Morton's neuroma can occur in the foot

What podiatry treatments are available?

You may experience a dull, burning sensation, or a sharpness, or even pins and needles in the ball of your foot. The condition can be very painful, especially when you are walking [1].

  • Biomechanical assessment and management – our podiatrist will assess the way you walk and the motion in your joints to determine if the cause of your neuroma is mechanical [2]. Padding may be applied to your foot to offload from the painful area and insoles may be prescribed to decrease pressure in the ball of your foot and relieve your pain.

  • Your footwear will be assessed and our podiatrist will advise on the most suitable types of footwear to wear to prevent pain and recurrence of this condition [2].

  • Referral for surgery may be necessary if the neuroma is very large and other forms of treatment don’t work [2].


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