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Athlete’s foot

What is it?

Athlete’s foot (known medically as tinea pedis) is an infection affecting the skin of the feet. It can appear between your toes or on the bottom of your feet [1].

Example of Athlete's foot (tinea pedis), sole and the sides of the feet can become red, swollen, and itchy

What causes it?

Athlete’s foot is caused by fungus, which grows and multiplies in dark, warm and moist places. It is more common among people with existing medical conditions, such as diabetes, and among people taking medication that suppresses the immune system [2].

What are the symptoms?

What podiatry treatments are available?

The infection causes red, scaly, dry, blistered or cracked skin, and can be very itchy and sore. It sometimes occurs between the toes, where it can make the skin white and soggy [1].

  • Here at Open Podiatry, our podiatrist can advise on the best antifungal cream, spray, powder or gel to use on your athlete’s foot, depending on the location affected [2].

  • We can also provide footwear advice, general foot care and hygiene advice to prevent recurrence of athlete’s foot.


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